HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis, sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly. Percentage of interest can range from 0.5% to 10% daily!.
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The program is call Richmond Berks

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a reliable investment program to you. They not only an online investment or HYIP but they showing themselves offline even in hotel conference. http://www.55investing.com/details/lid/213/

Chinese, Russia, Malay, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, German etc.

You can check the news section to see how people blog it and they always organise offline conference around the world. In this moment the conference was organise on Tokyo, Osaka, Ukraine, Latvia, Berlin, Nigeria etc. There have the picture to show you the conference. In the future maybe you can join the conference when they organise in your country.

The program is call Richmond Berks. They offer only one plan which is 1.5% daily for weekdays and 0.7% for weekend forever.I wish I have a chance to join their conference once.

At the bottom of the web page you can check their Legit Document. Even they develop Mobile Apps either in Android or IOS for you easy to monitor your account.

The good news is you can signup and do some simple tasks to get up to $120 FREE. Task as below:
Sign up an account you get $10.
Complete your profile eg. profile picture, skype, social network then you get $15.
Share the link to social network you get $50.
Download the company mobile app on your phone you get $25.
Record a review video you get $10.
Subscribe push notification for Chrome and Firefox only you get $10.

Anything don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to assist you.

Apr-6-2017 04:38:33 PM

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Aug-23-2016 02:22:23 PM

Investing - What is 55investing?

55investing is a listing TRUSTED HYIPs programs and monitoring site for both HYIPS and paid websites. 55investing is an gives you the opportunity for powerful advertising and a system to earn monthly income. We supply programs that have a proven track record. While the internet is full of programs that promise the world, you yourself never have an idea if they are for real or not. 55investing takes out the guessing game. We use the programs for a testing period to make sure they live up to what they claim!

Aug-19-2016 05:09:45 PM

Online investment - How Much Can I Make?

It depends entirely on how much you invest, obviously the more you invest, the more you make, and the daily percentage of the program, higher daily percentage = more money daily.

Aug-19-2016 05:08:44 PM

Online investing - How Much Can I Invest?

Depends on the company. Some companies allow you to invest from $200, and most have no upper limit. Check the specific company for more details.

Aug-19-2016 05:07:35 PM

Investment banking - How Do I Invest?

You invest your Perfect Money, Payeer, HD-money,Bitcoin into the companies. Actually making the transaction is simple, enter the amount you wish to invest, and away you go.

Aug-19-2016 05:06:49 PM

Investment portfolio -  How do I decide which program to put money in?

This kind of decision is totally Yours but here are a few things You could do before deciding to put your hardly earned money in a reliable program - Just Invest in our Listing.

Aug-19-2016 05:06:19 PM

Investor - How Do I Know They Are Not Scams?

We Invested in our all listing HYIP programs. we will update daily . we will remove the stop paying program.
<h1>Invest - How to earn money and is it really that easy?</h1>
Yes, It is easy to earn money in hyip world.

Aug-19-2016 05:05:34 PM

Profit - How HYIPs earning so much money?

Trading at Forex is a common legend, but also it can be developments in new technologies, trade antiques, oil, diamonds, alternative energy, gambling and other high-yielding activities.

Aug-19-2016 05:05:00 PM

Is it the fastest and easiest way to make money?

They pay interest not from the profits that have received, they pay from new deposits. Very difficult to distinguish financial pyramid and the real HYIP. While there is a flood of new deposits, HYIP-pyramid will regularly pay to all investors. Nevertheless, you can earn in HYIPs.

Aug-19-2016 05:03:28 PM