HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis, sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly. Percentage of interest can range from 0.5% to 10% daily!.

The program is call Richmond Berks

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a reliable investment program to you. They not only an online investment or HYIP but they showing themselves offline even in hotel conference. http://www.55investing.com/details/lid/213/

Chinese, Russia, Malay, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, German etc.

You can check the news section to see how people blog it and they always organise offline conference around the world. In this moment the conference was organise on Tokyo, Osaka, Ukraine, Latvia, Berlin, Nigeria etc. There have the picture to show you the conference. In the future maybe you can join the conference when they organise in your country.

The program is call Richmond Berks. They offer only one plan which is 1.5% daily for weekdays and 0.7% for weekend forever.I wish I have a chance to join their conference once.

At the bottom of the web page you can check their Legit Document. Even they develop Mobile Apps either in Android or IOS for you easy to monitor your account.

The good news is you can signup and do some simple tasks to get up to $120 FREE. Task as below:
Sign up an account you get $10.
Complete your profile eg. profile picture, skype, social network then you get $15.
Share the link to social network you get $50.
Download the company mobile app on your phone you get $25.
Record a review video you get $10.
Subscribe push notification for Chrome and Firefox only you get $10.

Anything don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to assist you.

Apr-6-2017 04:38:33 PM